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Private Übungsfahrten
I don't have a car to practice privately?
Erfolgreich die Führerprüfung bestanden
How many driving lessons do I need?
Modernes Ausbildungssystem
How do I prepare for the first driving lesson?

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If you hold a learner's permit for category B,
you may only do private practice drives if your accompanying person holds a category B license and is at least 23 years old and out of the probationary period, meaning they have the definitive driver's license.
The car must be category B and have easily accessible brakes from the passenger side (normal case hand brake).
Note that if you have an electronic hand brake, it brakes the car to a stop and is not automatically released by, for example, pressing the gas pedal. If you are caught with a car not allowed for practice drives, the consequences will be severe for you and for your accompanying person.

If you hold a learner's permit for category A, A(35 kW) or A1,
you may do practice drives without an accompanying person. Only persons holding the corresponding identification category or a higher one are allowed as a passenger (pillion).
Persons holding learner's permits of the corresponding category are not allowed.

If you hold a valid driver's license for category B or have received the summons for the control drive,
you may do private practice drives without an accompanying person in any vehicle that is category B in order to prepare for the control drive or the BPT 121 Taxi.

During practice drives with a learner's permit, the L sign must be clearly visible on the vehicle. Note that there are two different sizes for cars and motorcycles. After the practice drive, the L sign must be removed again, as persons holding identification of the corresponding category are not allowed to drive around with the L sign.
A foreign driver's license is valid in Switzerland for one year. After this period, the foreign driver's license may no longer be used in Switzerland. Holders of driver's licenses from EU/EFTA countries must have their driver's license converted, but are exempt from a control drive. Owners of driver's licenses from other countries, on the other hand, are required to take a control drive. Further information can be obtained directly from the road traffic office.
Road Traffic Office of the Canton of Zurich
To prepare for the control drive optimally, you should sign up for driving lessons in good time. If you fail the control drive or the deadline expires, your driver's license will be withdrawn. After that, you will have to complete a full driver's license training, which is both time-consuming and costly.
At the Guru driving school in Zurich, we also offer special lessons tailored to the BPT (Professional Driver's Test for Taxi Drivers). The "Taxi" test requires a higher level than the Category B driver's license test. In order to pass the BPT test, extended training is required.
It is absolutely necessary to wear appropriate protective clothing for passenger motorcycle driving lessons. This is necessary for the protection of your safety and health.
For the PGS basic course you need your own motorcycle. If you do not own one, we also offer rentals of vehicles of all categories. Further information can be found on our motorcycle page.
You can buy the L sign at many gas stations, hardware stores, auto accessory shops, and large supermarkets. Make sure it is clearly visible and attached to the left side of the rear of your vehicle. Do not forget to mount the L sign intended for motorcycles and not the one required for cars.
In general, we do not conduct driving lessons with private cars as it is illegal and not safe. Exceptions can be made for BPT 121 Taxi and motorcycles.
Yes, it is possible to book individual VKU or PGS parts with us. Please contact us via contact form, WhatsApp or phone call in this regard.
CHF 50.- will be charged per VKU part.
CHF 170.- will be charged per PGS part.

Please do not enroll directly in a VKU, otherwise the full amount will be charged.
In general, all driving lessons are free of charge to cancel up to 48 hours before the course begins (on workdays) and all courses 78 hours before (on workdays) the course begins.

Cancellations must always be made in writing.

Please only schedule appointments that you can generally attend, as cancellations involve additional effort.